AVI Program (AgriVaidic Internship program)

An integrated internship program for students, techies, experienced professionals & investors interested into Agriculture, hydroponics, fmcg, chefs, nutrition management, yoga & wellness RisingIndia


AVI - Next startup by RisingIndia ThinkTank

1/22/20222 min read


AVI is an early stage NextStartup which is part of the Venture Studio RisingIndia ThinkTank, an  initiative to help bring direct farm produce to homes in the most  sustainable and organic way possible
Agri Vaidic Integration (or Agri Vedic) sustainable business model to promote healthy eating habits with our strategic integration  and supply chain models. Our vision is to make Healthy Eating Goals a  part of every individual's lifestyle.

The Integration 

  • Agriculture - farming (Farmer community) 

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

  • Chef with professional culinary skills

  • Nutrition Management - nutritionist

  • Yoga and wellness

Program Detail

Work Location
India (Work From Home)
No geographical limits
Candidate can work from anywhere
Work Timing
Flexible (Task and result oriented)
Work Days
Flexible (candidates can pick any day off with prior  information)
For selected candidates it may include OnField farming training too


  1. Business Partner- Human Resource Management

  2. Sales & Marketing, key account management

  3. Supply Chain, logistics and transportation

  4. Digital Marketing, Content Strategy and Social Media

  5. Market Research and Financial Analysis

  6. Vendor management, Buying & Merchandising

  7. Institutional affiliations and corporate alliances

  8. Agriculture or Food Technology

  9. Nutrition Management

  10. Business Partner- Finance and Accounts

  11. Secretarial, Legal and Compliance

  12. IT Team - to build an e-commerce and integrated platform for five verticals     


    • Stipend Not applicable but candidate will receive the following:

    • Certificate of completion

    • Immense learning and a stepping stone into the corporate world

Application & Selection Procedure

  1. Online Form Submission
    click on the apply button given on the page

  1. Assessment and White Paper
    White paper is an understanding formal document and you can describe about Agriculture / food technology, fmcg, nutrition management, culinary or yoga and wellness based on your chosen vertical
    and you can also mention or demonstrate your functional interest which can be on an email, document, art work, presentation or even a video

  2. Interview
    Schedule time with us on the blue button at bottom right for final meeting, please read the guidelines carefully

AVI ideal candidate
is a foodie who has a passion towards the industry with a zeal to learn, while simultaneously building an  entrepreneurial spirit, and utilising skills for serving cultivators of the land


The AVI program is 45 days to 90 days based on the level selected
This is a specially curated programme for an enthusiast passionate about any of the vertical

Join AVI team,
Universities with relevant courses for any of the five verticals please email your students' profile with interest to Email: hr@agrivaidic.in

Agriculture - AVI Agri Vedic Integration by RisingIndia an initiative to bring farm produce home
Agriculture - AVI Agri Vedic Integration by RisingIndia an initiative to bring farm produce home