Unlocking the Potential of Entrepreneurship

RisingIndia ThinkTank connects your expertise with the right resources and connections to fuel your competitive edge. It spur founders to push the boundaries of what’s possible by connecting right talent and facilitate in a great ensemble

We firmly believe that businesses can be built sustainably without the need for external funding and that it should not be the primary focus for startups.

This lead us to create great talent pool to facilitate
early-stage startups in their journey as our experienced partners blend deep experience with personal commitment to support founders from start to success.

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Register your Startup Idea and turn into Reality with Rising India ThinkTank RisingIndia.in
Register your Startup Idea and turn into Reality with Rising India ThinkTank RisingIndia.in

We provide access to valuable resources such as investors, mentors, and advisors to help turn your startup idea into a reality. Our leadership team offers strategic advice and works closely with each company. Selected startups will be featured in upcoming pitch events, giving them the opportunity to showcase their business and attract potential investors. We are dedicated to helping founders succeed and will work with you every step of the way to turn your vision into reality.

Let's transform the vision into a new dawn

Strategy & Leadership
We are at the strategic core of all businesses. Through Strategy and Leadership startups can kick off and nurture their startups
The ThinkTank will develop the skills to add value to the businesses they work within.

Research & Data Analytics
the introduction of Data Analytics For Finance is an important aspect for correct business strategy to drive efforts meaningfully for the founders. We will be able to analyse and communicate analysis around business decisions.

We enable to have the skillset and be able to lead and drive responsible and ethical action around the areas of sustainability reporting and carbon accounting.

Disruptive Technologies
Technology is changing how founders will fulfil their professional roles in the future. Our team will have the relevant knowledge around disruptive and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Fintech to enable startups with latest technology aid

RisingIndia ThinkTank will provide Startup Founders vision to the sustainable business modelRisingIndia ThinkTank will provide Startup Founders vision to the sustainable business model

Why should you register your startup with RisingIndia?
RisingIndia is committed to helping startups throughout the country reach their full potential. Our team provides personalized support and guidance to emerging entrepreneurs, helping them navigate every step of their journey and become successful market leaders.
You can leverage our following expertise and offerings:

RisingIndia's Rising Stars: Meet the Startup Founders and be the next revolutionary startup

Startup Registration Process guidelines

  1. Preparation: Gather all necessary documents and ensure they are valid.

  2. Business Plan: Develop a clear and comprehensive business plan.

  3. Pitch Deck: Create a polished pitch deck with the help of our expert team, which will be crucial in presenting your business to potential investors

  4. Financial Projections: Create realistic financial projections and revenue forecasts to support your business plan.

  5. Operations Plan: Develop a detailed plan for customer acquisition, business spending, revenues, and profitability

  6. Application: Submit your application to take advantage of various startup programs and schemes.

  7. Meeting Scheduling: Connect with us by scheduling a meeting on our website.

  8. Pitch Practice: Receive guidance on your pitch presentation through a mock video conference with your mentor.

  9. Approval: Receive approval status of your application and feedback for improvement if needed.

  10. Registration Fee: A professional fee of $1000 or INR 50,000 + GST as applicable (connect with us for financial aid).

  11. Announcement: We’d would feature you on our platform and you can announce the funding in the media.