ThinkTank's May 2022 Innovative session

May 2022 introductory session of RisingIndia ThinkTank for Sustainable Entrepreneurship


Rising India

5/23/20223 min read

RisingIndia ThinkTank’s May 2022 session on sustainable entrepreneurship was held on May 21, 2022, as part of monthly series of ThinkTank’s sessions every third Saturday
The session was started with an introduction of India’s first venture studio “RisingIndia ThinkTank”, which is with the ideology of Giving First popularly known as “TreeAndHumanKnot” has turned into a movement and currently extending its arms to 3 continents to reinforce Sustainable Living on Planet Earth.
TreeAndHumanKnot is consistently growing with the love of nature by nature lovers in India, Italy, and Peru with the plan to start soon in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
The Idea emerged to connect people with Nature while embracing the values of commitment, consistency, and care for nature. It is no longer the responsibility of NGOs, social enterprises, the United Nations, or any government whereas now it has become the responsibility of every human who eats, breathes, or drinks on this planet.
The Global movement will now be turning into a Sustainability Network which will be accessible with

We have observed people’s inclination to contribute towards Sustainability and being volunteer is actually a pride as people join the movement. In order to engage working professionals to learn and adopt a sustainable way of living, TAHK will be starting Sustainability Certification with a completely practical approach to experience (rather than being only for academic purposes) sustainability and how simple it is to achieve the same. For more visit
We also shared about how corporate lately got engaged with Green Washing for Sustainability and why it is necessary to have genuine work on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting.

The Second vertical of RisingIndia ThinkTank “Consulting Cohort” aims to engage corporate and drive their efforts seamlessly towards Net Zero to meet their ESG norms. Read more about the welfare engine for corporate India on Consulting Cohort section of the website.

Third, Next Startup is the concept to focus on next startup on the premise of Sustainable Entrepreneurship which is to start innovative business on sustainable models on customer funding rather than creating pitch deck for early investments or funding.
Among various existing & upcoming ventures under Rising India Think Tank, one of the major ventures is Agri-Vaidic - an integration of 5 interrelated verticals namely as:
Agriculture & Farming: Taking forward Vaidic ways of farming & cultivation along with new-age technologies without losing the natural (sustainable) methodologies of cultivation, thus contributing to the agri-tech industry.
Fast Moving Consumer Goods: Making the farm produce reach the fork in the utmost sustainable & organic way, making new product innovations through technology while including farmers & contributing to their needs as we state “We are sharing blessings of farmers’ family and not selling food”
Nutrition Management (AVI Arogya): Food is the basic need for every person, thus making a balanced diet accessible to the global population is also one of the initiatives by AVI Arogya toward betterment through collaboration with nutritionists
Chefs with Culinary Skills: The deep technology would be solving one of the most prevalent questions from the household asking “What to cook today?” if this question is very common from your kitchen then stay tuned at
Lazy Yoga: One of the most exciting verticals starting on the Yoga Day with Corporate India, that has curated with spiritual context a phenomenal 11 mins yoga by Chief Yogini, for all those unable to manage time for their health in their busy work schedules and develop a healthy lifestyle

Another venture which started as TAHK’s Intrapreneurial project last year on World’s Environment Day is now part of Next Startup. SIP Jr. is to involve kids into sustainability in utmost fun way as we intend to collaborate with all major schools which understand the importance of practical and behavior learning is equally important and if it comes as fun, will make it the best
We are soon planning to build a cohort to initiate other Next Startups which will be into Sustainable Tourism, HR Circle, Business Media and EdTech. Continuing with opportunities of “Entrepreneurship for everyone” where people from all walks of life can join and gain opportunities as per their experiences, interests, skills, or academics.
Sustainable Internship Program (SIP) - general and important for everyone
Technology Internship Program (TIP): Information Technology enthusiast to develop website/application for our various ventures
AgriVaidic Internship for agrivaidic integration
Innovative Internship Program: For Master, PhD or experienced professionals willing to change their career line
We also invite committed people to join Next Startup as co-founder or leader on Equity/ESOP basis

The Idea of Internship to Entrepreneurship is getting real as we have identified a few high potential individuals who joined as interns but now unleashing their entrepreneurial spirits to become founding members of Next Startups

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Focusing on business innovation and creating value out of it without relying on external funding, the term was created by the founding team in 2020
GivingFirst: The time now is to not wait for an opportunity to give back, the concept was announced by founding team on January 1, 2021 on LinkedIn to inspire fellow human being for giving first with yet another TreeAndHumanKnot