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3/22/20223 min read

At RisingIndia ThinkTank, we commit to sustainable entrepreneurship which makes the priority to be responsible business. During the March session, we recalled the purpose of giving first with TreeAndHumanKnot, Exploring the insides and challenges of an entrepreneur's journey into the technology space to inspire ourselves and engage more people on our path through sustainability and announce TreeAndHumanKnot in the United States of America. 

As stakeholders, we can create an impact taking only one minute in our lives. Every person who decides to join our organization has the freedom to provide or contribute new ideas to any of our coalitions known to be verticals such as AgriVaidic, Consulting Cohort or any of the Next Startup
Students, volunteers, investors, leaders, and entrepreneurs worldwide have joined our movement to collaborate for reinforcing sustainable living on planet earth and to create the change we want to see on the planet. 

This March, RisingIndia ThinkTank had the privilege to invite Mukund Rajukumar, CEO of Aerion Labs, which invented the world's first head-mounted air purifier. Mukund hails from historical city Madurai in India and envisaged to solve the very problem of air pollution when in 2018 he observed his parents facing problems in breathing outside. The Idea to help aging parents Mukund started working on the product which eventually emerged as world's first head mounted air purifier. He is currently based out San Fransisco, California (USA) but operating all operations of Aerion Labs in India, to which he states his original Idea generation place for Aerion Labs as it launched the first product on January 26, 2022.

During the session, he discussed the following helpful and inspiring points about his journey as an entrepreneur:

Mukund explained the three approaches to sustainability: social, environmental, and economical. These dimensions are essential in developing Aeroin Labs' products and mission. Aerion Labs aims to promote sustainable lifestyles through the creation of new technologies. 

  • In terms of social responsibility, it aims to strike a balance between environmental protection and social welfare through its product. An eco-friendly product design (reusable and rechargeable batteries) is critical for a sustainable environment. In India, his plan to boost a sustainable economy empowers local communities

  • Climate change and air pollution are significant challenges and need "big government initiative." In the meantime, Aerion labs focus on individuals by providing quality on the air that can allow people to move freely on day-to-day activities. That is why its philosophy points to a product accessible to reach the masses. Easy to integrate into people's lives. And that creates awareness on How bad the air quality is

  • Climate warming and air pollution are serious problems that require "massive government action." Meanwhile, Aerion labs focus on individuals by delivering air quality that allows people to move freely in their daily activities. That is why its ideology emphasises a product readily available to the general public. It is simple to integrate into people's lives. And utilising an app raises awareness about how poor the air quality is 

  • Challenge: Every single component of the assembly is made in India. Although this has been a challenge, it has resulted in career opportunities and empowered individuals by allowing them to protect themselves against pollution. Aerion Labs' goal is to make this accessible by 2025, and while this may be difficult, building solid ties with long-term investors can support the achievement of reaching a large number of people.

Future Insights:
The entrepreneur also shared about
Phase II roadmap (software) in which Aerion Labs will be building an air quality monitoring platform with crowd-sourced air quality data transmitted to our cloud platform from Aerion air purifier devices in the hands of customers worldwide. This hyper-local real-time air quality mapping APIs will be available via paid monthly subscriptions for 3rd parties to use. For example, Google maps integrated with Aerion API can provide their users with the least polluted route to their destination, which listeners found to be very insightful.

Entrepreneurial Insights:
The entrepreneur is focused to get funded by customers by reaching each customer and ideal model for Aerion Labs to generate business by fulfilling the much needed requirement to breath clean air.
The bootstrapped entity is eying for a moderate valuation of $2 million in next one year's time horizon to make clean air accessible to every individual. Detail on primary goal for $ 2 million funds raised will be utilised to
1. Create awareness about this new wearable air purifier category
2. Expand our product distribution channels and
3. Build new products for additional use-cases including air purifiers integrated with motorcycle helmets for 2-wheeler riders and another one integrated with hard-hat for factory workers.

We congratulate the entrepreneur for the invention and wish entire team of Aerion Labs the best for the vision and growth. That it would make the next startup in RisingIndia.

Thank you for reading and do register for the next session!

SharkTank India is over but RisingIndia ThinkTank is having every month a new season of opportunity
SharkTank India is over but RisingIndia ThinkTank is having every month a new season of opportunity