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TreeAndHumanKnot RisingIndia ThinkTank appointed as Mentor at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy for Mentoring students seeking International Experience into sustainability space as TAHK Italy


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10/24/20212 min read

TreeAndHumanKnot - Reinventing Sustainability

Italy team in collaboration with the Internships Abroad Unit at University of Venice which promotes the Mentoring for International Experience project, gives the students who want to live an international formative experience the opportunity to live one anyway, even if from remote.
TAHK Italy for past 6 months have been working in collaboration with top universities to offer their bright students an opportunity to join Sustainable Internship Program. We have been offered to join the Mentoring for International Experience by Ca'Foscary University of Venice, Italy for their students which accepted as part our Giving First ideology
Mentoring as per UniVe official website is a guided learning process in which an industry veteran, the Mentor, voluntarily makes himself available to put his experience in a specific professional sector at the service of a less expert figure, the Mentee, who from this meeting will be thus able to get invaluable insights, information and strategies that will help him with a view to job orientation and preparation for a possible future internship.
Mentoring for International Experience (MIE) therefore has a dual functionality. It represents both a path of career orientation and professional growth, and a preparatory experience for possible future internships.

The project at a glance
Activity: mentoring, that is both a path leading to a deeper knowledge of the careers and the labour market and a guided learning process aimed at encouraging the personal and professional growth of the participants
Where: from remote, in collaboration with mentors from institutions and companies operating abroad

Target audience:
students enrolled in Bachelor’s Degree courses from the 2nd year onwards, with at least a B1 level certified knowledge of the foreign language required for the chosen project
students enrolled in Master’s Degree courses, with at least a B2 level certified knowledge of the foreign language required for the chosen project

Mentoring for International Experience allows next generation to:
• learn from the experiences of your Mentor and receive guidance on professional development and advancement
• get acquainted with specific business sectors, identify goals and establish a sense of direction
• develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues as well as awareness of other approaches to work
• develop new skills and knowledge as well as a confidential sounding board for ideas and challenges

In addition, selected as a mentee you will:
• enrich your CV
• learn how to be successful in job interviews
• build a network of colleagues and recruiters for your future, international career and professional development
• improve your language skills
• have the opportunity to collaborate and join innovative internship programs offered by RisingIndia ThinkTank

Hope this would help Next Generation leaping towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship