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PM Modi celebrates 72nd birthday and netizens captures the leadership lessons

Prime Minister of India

9/17/20223 min read

Ancient Indian culture and Sanatan Dharma is well imbibed in life style of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and netizens are celebrating this day of 72nd birthday in various ways to recognize learning obtained from the most admired prime minister. In India most of the management lessons are inspired from Ramayan or Bhagvad Geeta which are well reflected in lifestyle of the honorable prime minister of India

1. Good Governance: The remark he made at the beginning of his term as Prime Minister "Naa khaunga, naa khane dunga" (neither I shall take bribe nor I would allow anyone else to take". This was the tone of the TOP set before beginning the reform measures the current government has been working upon since 2014. Honorable Prime Minister of India probably the only leader on global foot print who works for the country 24/7 i.e. 18 hours a day round the year without any vacation of holidays. One can witness his foreign trip plans how he plan to cover meetings during even a fuel stopover

2. Listening:
Honorable Prime Minister of India focuses on the current scenario and how to develop strategy to transform for betterment. The strength lies in his focused approach to listen the other person, understand the situation and deliver transformative solution to help for good. He has been known and well appreciated by fellow politicians as well industry veterans including young entrepreneurs for his listening skills. If he gives time to anyone he will be fully focused for the intended purpose of the meeting and after due listening he may come up with innovative ways to solve such problems. It is a great example for current generation who take pride in multi-tasking or moon-lightening. A lesson to become active listener and focus on quality with peers, friends and family members.

3 Conceptualization:
Honorable Prime Minister of India is well know for his attention to detail and coming up with institutionalization of resources in various ways and today people of India are talking about various reforms at societal level such as neem-coated fertilizer, Ujjwala Yojana, or suggesting OYO founder Ritesh Agarwal to include rural hospitality market during pandemic, covering Narmada Canel with solar panels and numerous initiatives.

4. Stewardship: These days many social media influencers narrate the principle of empowering team and bringing them on leadership while Honorable Prime Minister of India would not hesitate to go traditional way whether it is about passing ordinances or cabinet reshuffling. He has strongly adopted backed by strong work ethic to execute and make strong decisions that includes demonetization, GST implementation. Demonstration by actions and leading by examples can very well be seen his appearance
during election time addressing even upto five rallies in a day.

5. Empathy: Honorable Prime Minister of India while taking firm decisions on things he believe to be contributing in RisingIndia has never let hit his ego when it comes to welfare of people of the country. Reverting back the farm bill after mass level protests by farmers is greatest example of his empathy towards the people one can learn from.

6. Building Community: Strong relationship on global footprint has made significance contribution in RisingIndia whether it is simplest form to recognize Yoga on international level with International Yoga Day or the most complex & significant decision to revive QUAD
The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, is a strategic security dialogue between Australia, India, Japan, and the United States that is maintained by talks between member countries

Persuasion: Announcing “Swacch Bharat” or toilet campaign from red fort on National Day is an epitome of his persuasion in a vast country like India where societal hygiene is treated almost with disdain and public resources are taken for granted. Honorable Prime Minister of India embarked in his first year of leadership as he always knew that behavioral changes may take age time, more than 100 million toilets were constructed and delivered in rural India since 2014 while ground work is in action, PM Modi persuaded by inviting celebrities and public figures to encourage people of the nation to keep clean.

8. Foresight: Digital India movement is a perfect example of his foresight. Honorable Prime Minister of India while optimizing the Digital India movement in almost all possible sectors himself is well versed and will talk about automating and use of technology with young entrepreneurs. Most of millennials in India feels good if their parents are able to operate WhatsApp properly.

9. Commitment to growth: Growth is sustainable with due implementation check on ground as netizens believe that honorable prime minister other than the formal structures of government and party, PM Modi has cultivated many channels through journalists, industry leaders, spiritual leaders, celebrities and other public figures

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