Human Responsibility for Sustainability

Social Economic Environment and now HUMAN as 4th pillar of Sustainability

TreeAndHumanKnot Giving First Ideology of RisingIndia ThinkTank

4/27/20220 min read

What is your sustainability quote or Statement of Sustainability?

Popularly everyone talks about 3 pillars when it comes Sustainability!
1. SOCIAL: Constitute the framework of society to preserve social capital and access to basic necessities to be healthy and secure
2. ENVIRONMENTAL: Protection of natural capital by reducing consumption of natural resources or essential basis
3. ECONOMIC: Institutionalizing secure sources of livelihood

Let us also understand that Sustainability is not a new concept it has been there for ages but then why are we at crisis stage?That extinction is being talked about now?
That if we do not act, we would not be able to survive/sustain beyond 60 years?

Are we missing fundamentals ?Nothing can be achieved if the human do not accept it, the acceptance of Sustainable Living or sustainable development goals is picking up only because now humans at masses are involved.

Be that climate scientist from NASA Peter Kalmus who chained himself at Chase bank (as reportedly invested more in fossil fuel) or dear Sadhguru . for his iconic 30000 KMs bike tour for the campaign SAVE SOIL

Involvement of HUMAN kind is an urgent need of the hour as it is already alarming to be collective and beyond talks or social campaigning Collective participation is needed from HUMAN as 4th pillar of Sustainability, it is simple to tie just one TreeAndHumanKnot with humility (being humble that this is not only a responsibility of NGOs/UN or volunteers) and humanity (being human and careful about net generations)That in turn make the strong 4th pillar of Sustainability to serve improving the human capital in the society, imagine 7 billion on the planet – not just people but each one with a fruit tree !

Will you be the one to join the movement?